Using Strap Edge with mobile via Wireless Dual-Bluetooth (Samsung Devices)

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Like any wireless headphones, the Woojer Strap Edge is a Bluetooth receiver, not a transmitter. Therefore, to enjoy a totally wireless experience with your Woojer Strap Edge you need to connect both the Woojer Strap Edge and your Bluetooth headphones to the same source.

This feature already exists in several Samsung mobiles and is known as "Music Share" (or Dual Audio). Enabling this feature lets you connect and stream audio to both your Woojer Strap Edge and your wireless headphones simultaneously.
A list of the Samsung devices supporting this feature appears below. You can find more information about "Music Share" on the Samsung website.

For more information about connecting iOS devices and Bluetooth headphones using a wireless Dual-Bluetooth transmitter, please refer to this article.

For more information about connecting other non-Samsung mobile devices and Bluetooth headphones, please refer to this article.

Connecting a Woojer Strap Edge and wireless headphones to Samsung devices, using "Music Share":


How to use "Music Share" on Samsung devices

Follow these steps to enable "Music Share" on your Samsung mobile device:

  1. Open the Bluetooth setting screen.
  2. Pair both Woojer Strap Edge and your headphones with your mobile.
  3. Go to "Advanced" and turn on "Music Share".
  4. Enable both Woojer Strap Edge and headphones.
  5. Play your media.
  6. Under Audio Output, select both devices.


Samsung supported devices

The following Samsung devices support "Music Share":

Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy S21, S21+ & S21 Ultra

Galaxy S20, S20+ & S20 Ultra

Galaxy Note10/10+/ Note10+ 5G

Tab S6

Galaxy S10e, S10 & 10+

Galaxy Note9

Galaxy S9 & S9+

Galaxy Tab S4

Galaxy Note8

Galaxy S8 & S8+

Galaxy A51

Galaxy A71

Please refer to this Samsung help article for more details.


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