Everything is connected properly but I can only hear the music. I feel no haptics.

As Woojer Edge is driven by sophisticated software, this may be caused by a software "glitch". It can happen for example when switching the audio source from Bluetooth to 3.5mm. If you're experiencing such behavior, try the following:


  1. Make sure only a single connection type (e.g.: Bluetooth, 3.5mm, USB-C) is active at a time.
  2. Try to perform a hard reset. For Strap Edge - please refer to the following article for instructions, and refer to this article you can find the hard-reset instructions for the Vest Edge.
  3. When using with USB-C cable and a PC: Disconnect the Woojer Edge, turn it off and then turn it on again, re-connect the cable to a different USB port (make sure that the Woojer is ON before connecting it to the PC), wait until your PC identifies the Woojer Edge

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