Updating your Woojer Strap Edge firmware


The Woojer Strap Edge runs sophisticated embedded software (AKA "firmware") that manages its major technical aspects. From driving the haptic transducer, through volume control and LED indicators behavior - it's all done by the firmware. Woojer improves this firmware from time to time, eliminating several bugs and unexpected behaviors.

In addition, this firmware update reveals a new important feature - a user control over two operation modes, Focused Mode and Broad Mode, that will improve the overall experience for the user.

Updating the Woojer Strap Edge's firmware requires installing a designated software (an update tool) on a PC running Windows. To perform the update, you'll need to connect the Woojer Strap Edge to this PC using a USB-C cable and run this update tool.


If you have questions regarding the firmware update, please go to the FAQ section at the bottom of this article.


See how it works, in this video below followed by detailed information:

Supported devices and operating Systems

It is recommended to install the update tool on a PC running Windows 10. (Windows 7 is also supported, however, several essential .NET components may also be installed as a part of the installation process).

Additional requirements

An active internet connection is required to make sure you get the latest firmware version installed. Nevertheless, updating the firmware is also available when there's no internet connection, however, this update is limited to the offline firmware image that comes with the tool installation package.

Performing the Firmware Update

  1. Download the Woojer Edge Updater Setup file to your PC. You may see a security alert, indicating that the file may risk your PC. You can approve this alert with no fear.
  2. Double-click the downloaded setup file to start the installation process. Windows Defender Smart Screen may warn you, indicating that this is an unrecognized app. In this case, click "Run anyway". If you don't see the "Run anyway" button, click "More info" first.
  3. Next, the installation wizard will appear. Click "Next" to move to the next screens until you complete the installation. Finally, close the wizard. When done, two shortcuts will be added to your PC: A Start Menu shortcut and a desktop shortcut. You can use each one of them to open the update tool.

Using the update tool

  1. Turn on your Woojer Strap Edge.
  2. Run the Woojer Edge Firmware Update Tool by clicking its icon, located at the Windows Start menu, or on your desktop. The update tool will appear.
  3. Connect your Woojer Strap Edge to the PC using a USB-C cable. The update tool will identify the Woojer Strap Edge and will show its current firmware version.
  4. If a new firmware is available for your Woojer Strap Edge, a proper message will appear, the Woojer logo will blink, and the Update button will become enabled. Click the Update button. The update process will start.
  5. While updating, do not disconnect your Woojer Strap Edge, do not turn it on or off, and do not close the update tool! Doing so may damage your Woojer Strap Edge, irreversibly!
    The progress bar may be seen as "stuck" for a while on 95%. That's normal behavior.
  6. The update process takes a few minutes. Once finished, a proper message will appear together with the newly installed firmware version.
  7. If the update process fails, you'll see a failure message. Disconnect the Woojer Strap Edge, perform a hard reset, and reconnect it. Try performing the update again. If the problem persists, contact our support team.
  8. Close the update tool by clicking the X.
  9. Perform a hard reset to your Woojer Strap Edge.
  10. You're done! Your Woojer Strap Edge is running now the most recent Firmware version!


Firmware Update FAQ

  1. I use a Mac. Can I use this update tool?
    Woojer Edge series products are based on Qualcomm 8675 Bluetooth chips. Among other things, this chip allows the firmware update feature. Currently, macOS-based devices do not support that. We are working with Qualcomm to figure out the best solution to make it happen. We can't guarantee when this happens, and we suggest you use a Windows-based PC instead. The whole process takes a few minutes and it's a one-time action.
  2. Can I update my Woojer Strap Edge via a mobile?
    Unfortunately not. Typically, mobile devices use a BLE OTA (Over The Air) protocol to update devices' firmware, which is a slow protocol by nature. While this is a short process for lots of BLE-based devices, updating a Woojer Strap Edge device can take up to 30 minutes. We consider this below an acceptable standard since OTA firmware update is a sensitive and error-prone process. Keeping it running that long may result in irreversible damage to your Woojer Strap Edge device. The USB connection, however, is much faster and stable.
  3. Is it safe to install the update tool?
    Yes! Woojer declares that this tool doesn't harm your PC. We won't collect or send any data, and this tool only downloads the latest firmware images from a server and updates your Woojer Strap Edge device. You can approve Windows alerts and install the update tool. Make sure you download it from the Woojer website, using this link, and not from any other third-party source.
  4. When trying to download the installation file, I get warnings by my internet browser, saying this file can harm my computer.
    Woojer declares that this tool will not harm your computer. You can download it with no fear. Make sure you download it from the Woojer website, using this link, and not from any other third-party source.
  5. Why do I need to update my Woojer Strap Edge?
    Like many other sophisticated devices, the Woojer Strap Edge device runs an embedded software (AKA firmware) that manages its major technical aspects. As these are newly-released products, we've found some bugs in that software that caused some erroneous behavior. This firmware update solves those bugs, making your Woojer Strap Edge working better and more stable. Among other things, we've fixed a possible Zombie-like state that required a hard-reset, incorrect LED behavior, and switching audio source misbehavior.
    In addition, this firmware update reveals a new important feature - a user control over two operation modes, Focused Mode and Broad Mode, that will improve the overall experience for our users.
  6. What are "Focused Mode" and "Broad Mode"?
    Once you're done with the firmware update process, you'll be able to switch between two operation modes - Focused Mode and Broad Mode. To toggle between the two modes, hold down the “+” and “-“ buttons on the Woojer Strap Edge control panel for three seconds simultaneously. You will hear “Focused Mode” or "Broad Mode" in the headphones.

    Broad Mode is the default operation mode. As its name implies, a wide range of content will work well without much effort using Broad Mode. It will work best with everyday audio streams like Youtube or Spotify over Bluetooth or USB connection.
    If you are using a game console, this mode is best for the 3.5mm controller output of PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.

    Most people will never need to change modes from Broad Mode. Broad Mode widens the frequency response range up to 200hz.

    Note: High-level output source material such as lossless audio or video games over USB should be attenuated! In short, if the signal is too loud going into Woojer, simply turn down the source and turn up the headphone level and Intensity on the Woojer Strap Edge control panel.

    General source volume settings:
    Xbox/PS4/Switch via 3.5mm: 100%
    Windows/Mac Lossless or Games via USB or Bluetooth: 20%-50%
    Normalized Streaming Audio over USB or Bluetooth: 60%-100%

    Focused Mode is designed to work with louder, higher-quality signals. If you are connected to a computer listening to mastered lossless audio files, playing a high-fidelity PC game, or watching a movie over Bluetooth, or any other situation where there is not volume normalization in play, Focused mode is the way to go.
    This is pure sub-bass mode, with a frequency response of up to 100hz.

    Use whichever mode feels and sounds best to you.
  7. The tool doesn't identify my Woojer Strap Edge.
    The update tool should identify your Woojer Strap Edge device once you connect it to your PC using a USB-C cable. When recognized properly, you'll see the current firmware version, which appears on the top of the screen, under the device name ("Woojer Strap Edge"). During the process of recognizing the device, the circular Woojer logo will rotate. If it rotates endlessly, there's a detection issue. If the displayed version is 0.0.0 is means also that something goes wrong. Read the following to handle such a case:

    When you connect the Woojer Strap Edge to your PC for the first time, your PC needs to identify it first and recognize it as a playing device. This is an automated process that needs no intervention from your side and can take up to one minute. Once it's done, the update tool will identify the Woojer Strap Edge. You may need to re-open the update tool.

    If the tool still doesn't recognize your Woojer Strap Edge device, please disconnect it, perform a hard-reset, restart the tool, and re-connect the Woojer Strap Edge. If nothing helps - please take a screenshot of the tool and contact our support team. Make sure you attach the screenshot file!
  8. Can I update my Woojer Strap Edge using Bluetooth?
    No, the update is done only with a USB-C cable.
  9. How long does it take to complete the update?
    The update process takes a few minutes to complete.
  10. The update is stuck, the percentage shows the same number and isn't increased.
    If the update is stuck, please close the tool, disconnect your Woojer Strap Edge, perform a hard reset, and start over. Contact our support if the problem persists.
  11. After a successful update, I can't feel haptic, when connected with Bluetooth.
    This can happen. Try removing all paired devices and re-pair again.
  12. The update is stuck on 95%
    This is normal behavior. The last 5% takes some more time. If, after 5 minutes, it still shows 95%, disconnect the device, perform a hard-reset, reopen the tool and connect your Woojer Strap Edge again. If the tool says your Woojer Strap Edge is updated - you're good to go. If not, perform the update again.

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