Woojer Edge operation modes (Focused Mode and Broad Mode)

What are "Focused Mode" and "Broad Mode"?

When playing your Woojer Edge, you can switch between two operation modes - Focused Mode and Broad Mode. To toggle between the two modes, hold down the “+” and “-“ buttons on your Woojer control panel for three seconds, simultaneously. You will hear “Focused Mode” or "Broad Mode" in the headphones.


Broad Mode is the default operation mode. As its name implies, a wide range of content will work well without much effort using Broad Mode. It will work best with everyday audio streams like Youtube or Spotify over Bluetooth or USB connection.

If you are using a game console, this mode is best for the 3.5mm controller output of PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch.

Broad Mode widens the frequency response range up to 200hz. Most people will never need to change modes from Broad Mode.


Note: High-level output source material such as lossless audio or video games over USB should be attenuated! In short, if the signal is too loud going into Woojer, simply turn down the source and turn up the headphone level and Intensity on the Woojer control panel.


General source volume settings:

  • Xbox/PS4/Switch via 3.5mm: 100%
  • Windows/Mac Lossless or Games via USB or Bluetooth: 20%-50%
  • Normalized Streaming Audio over USB or Bluetooth: 60%-100%


Focused Mode is designed to work with louder, higher-quality signals. If you are connected to a computer listening to mastered lossless audio files, playing a high-fidelity PC game, or watching a movie over Bluetooth, or any other situation where there is not volume normalization in play, Focused mode is the way to go.

This is pure sub-bass mode, with a frequency response of up to 100hz.

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