Connecting Strap Edge to Xbox Series X/S

You can connect your Woojer Strap Edge to the Xbox Series X/S using either a wired connection or a wireless connection.


Note: Connecting your Woojer Strap Edge to your TV with the TV's internal Bluetooth can cause a significant delay and therefore isn't recommended.


Wired Connection, using the Xbox controller

  1. Connect the Woojer Strap Edge to the Xbox controller using the provided 3.5mm cable. One end goes to the controller's output jack and the other end to Woojer Strap Edge's audio-in jack.
  2. Connect your headphone to the Woojer Strap Edge's headphone jack.

Wireless connection using a low-latency Bluetooth transmitter

  1. Connect one end of the provided 3.5mm cable to the Xbox controller and the other end to a low-latency Bluetooth Transmitter.
  2. Pair your Woojer Strap Edge with the Bluetooth transmitter.
  3. You can connect a pair of wired headphones directly to your Woojer Strap Edge. Alternatively, if your Bluetooth transmitter is a dual-link one, you can pair both the Woojer Strap Edge and your Bluetooth headphones concurrently. You can also skip this step and use your TV speakers instead.

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