Getting Started with Woojer Vest Edge

Congratulations! You've got your Woojer Vest Edge!

Please read the following instructions carefully before the first use of your Woojer Vest Edge

For detailed information about various connections (PC, gaming consoles, mobile, VR, TV & Home Cinema), please refer to the Woojer Vest Edge section on our support portal.

Charging the Woojer Vest Edge

Connect the provided fast charger to the Woojer Vest Edge's charging port. Before first use, charge your Woojer Vest Edge for two hours. When fully charged, you'll see the solid green LED.


Note: The USB-C port can be used for charging, only when using a Power Delivery 20V/5A wall charger

Charging the Woojer Vest Edge using the provided charger

Charging the Woojer Vest Edge using a USB-C Power Delivery 20V/5A charger

Connecting the Woojer Vest Edge

You can connect your Woojer Vest Edge to a media source, using one of the following:

  • Bluetooth connection. To enter pairing mode, press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds. The blue and red LEDs will blink alternately. On your device, locate and pair with Woojer Vest Edge.
  • USB-C cable
  • 3.5mm cable

Wearing the Woojer Vest Edge

All adjusting straps must be loosened before wearing the Woojer Vest Edge.

Make sure to follow these three steps by their order.

  1. Close and tighten the waist straps.
  2. Close and tighten the chest strap.
  3. Pull both shoulder straps in parallel to ensure a tight contact of all haptic units to the body.

Using your Woojer Vest Edge

  • Turn on the Woojer Vest Edge by pressing the Power button for two seconds.

  • Connect your headphones to the headphone jack.

  • Turn on your audio source and enjoy the moment!


Maximize your experience

Set your audio source volume level to max, as this makes sure you get the maximized haptic effect. Then, to control the headphones volume level and sensation level, use the Woojer Vest Edge's control buttons.


Calibrate your Woojer to your personal optimal settings.

Once calibrated, you must try out this Woojer Edge introduction demo.
We've also created some playlists for you to get the hang of Woojering:

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