Connecting Vest Edge to your PC via an Auxiliary cable

Follow these steps to connect your Woojer Vest Edge to your PC via an AUX (Auxiliary, also known as 3.5mm) cable. This simple configuration allows you to enjoy a wired connection between your PC and the Woojer Vest Edge and also enjoy the Woojer Vest Edge's integral audio amplifier without delays or lag, which might be important for some games:

  1. Press and hold the Woojer Vest Edge's power button for 2 seconds until the Vest turns on. 
  2. Connect the provided AUX cable - one end to the PC's headphone jack and the other to the Vest's audio input jack. The blue LED will appear constantly.
  3. Connect your headphone to the Woojer Vest Edge's headphone jack.
  4. Start playing your content

Important: Set your PC and game volume to MAX. Then, to control the headphones volume and sensation levels - use the Woojer Vest Edge's control buttons. 

For connecting your Woojer Vest Edge via wireless Bluetooth connection, please refer to this article.

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